Awesome teams drive the digital revolution. is a consulting and digital product engineering agency with headquarters in Ulm, Germany. We build our exceptional services on the shoulders of giants - awesome teams of experienced engineers, designers, and consultants. Our services include digital product strategy, engineering, and technology consulting as well as coaching.


Service Offerings

All of our offerings are built on great teams.

  • Team Clinic

    Assessment of a team situation by our professional systemic coaches.

  • Agile Coaching

    We have been in this business since 2009 and have seen practically everything...

  • Going Remote?

    We have been operating remotely for over a decade and are happy to help.

  • Product Owner / Product Engineering Support

    Sometimes a new perspective makes all the difference.

  • Engineering Consulting

    We are happy to share our engineering practices and processes. Lorem ipsum

  • Organizational Design

    Analysis and design of the framework and the organizational structure.

  • Casting and Qualification

    Leverage our network and engineering qualification approaches.

  • Controlled Flight

    Operate the new team under controlled flight conditions for a defined period.

  • Full-Stack Engineering

    Applying our favorite tech to build your awesome product ideas.

  • Product Engineering

  • Quality Assurance

    Black-box test automation approach to cover specific integration scenarios.